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I've been meaning to write blogs for my website but I never expected to start with this one to be honest. I was more thinking along the lines of "why I LOVE enamel" or "the beauty/benefits of enamel) but here we are....

So I have now been locked out of my Instagram account by since Monday 16th January, its now Thursday the 19th and although this might not seem like a long time it concerns me for several reasons - mainly due to the fact that many of my customers choose to contact me via instagram and I really don't want them to think that I not getting back to them - I normally reply really quickly!

Instagram was instrumental with me getting my business started in the first place. The wonderful community of gardeners on my personal supported me amazingly.

The customer share photos I've saved on that @enamelhappy account too - it breaks my heart!

At the moment I'm thinking I may have to start again with a new instagram account and that is just SO disheartening and scary as I have worked so hard on my page. When I mentioned this to my husband last night he said "NO WAY that is going to happen, you've worked so hard" - but I have to say at this moment in time it feels like that may be the only way.

Hang on there is another email *PING - "WE WERE NOT ABLE TO CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY FROM THE VIDEO YOU SUBMITTED" for the 8th time. Look ok - I know I now have short hair and have put on a little weight but THIS IS ridiculous! And apparently (according to Help at Instagram) its only doing the videos for recognition now to prove we ARE HUMAN! - As ID could be fake... I've sent emails and reported a problem and no reply of course.

I also keep receiving emails saying there is unusual activity on your account and my account may be DISABLED - YES thats because I'm trying to get back into it Grrrrrrrrrr Ha ha (have to try and laugh!)

So if you are one of my lovely Instagram followers, this is why you haven't heard from me for a few days and at this stage I'm not sure when or if you will on this account!

Regards my lovely customers


Added 15/5/23 - I did finally get my account back after 21 days and jumping through many hoops.

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