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Bunting and Accesories

Those added extra's that we sometimes just want to make things look... 

Gorgeous Unbleached Cotton Apron

Stylish apron with large front pocket in our midnight retro floral print

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"Stunning Plates"

"Absolutely thrilled with these plates, very good quality and great for camping or picnics. Arrived packaged very well"

Enamelhappy Customer - November 2022

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Retro Inspired Products To LOVE

Enamel is BEAUTIFUL, has such VERSITILITY, and it lasts forever making it a great SUSTAINABLE product.

What a wonderful alternative to plastic for outdoor use!

"Fabulous Cushion Covers"

"I absolutely love the style of these covers. I had intended for them to live in the camper van, but that would be a waste so they have found a home in my living room as well!"

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Set of Four Beautiful Enamel Mugs in our Colourful Stunning Retro Vintage Floral - Honey Yellow Rose Pink Ocean Blue Midnight Blue

"A Mug Full of Happiness"

"I've done heaps of research and these really were the best quality and value I could find"

Enamelhappy Customer - October 2022

Our Enamel Mugs